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  • * Ultimate Hydration Electrolyte Powder.
  • * Developed For Serious Athletes.
  • * Easy Open Packages.
  • * Four Flavors, Orange, Lime, Punch & Grape.
  • * Reduce Fatigue
  • * Prevent Dehydration
  • * Eliminate Cramps
  • * Variety Pack 24 Stick Packs

Quick hydration cane electrolyte replacement mix that helps you hydrate better than any other product. It replaces minerals that are lost during hard work outs.

Eliminate cramps developed by real scientist. Cane electrolyte is a great way to elimonite dehydration,cramps
During and after series athletic endeavors.

Mixes easy with water simply add one pack to a 16 ounce bottle of water, shake it very well. Best to take it before during and after work outs.